February 15, 2016



Bluegrass Editing offers editing services provided by native English speakers with a scientific background and experience in scientific journal publications, proposals and thesis & dissertation writing.

Oftentimes when non-native English speakers submit manuscripts for publication in scientific journals, using proper English and grammar can be a problem.  The lack of proficiency in English and grammar is detrimental to the scientific results being presented in the manuscript.  This is primarily due to disruptions in the flow of the manuscript caused by unintended improper English and grammar.  Bluegrass Editing will work with you to incorporate proper English and grammar so that those reading and reviewing your manuscript are able to focus on the results being presented.

Bluegrass Editing is also a great resource for English speakers as well.  We can help you fine tune your journal manuscripts, proposals, theses, dissertations or any other document in need of grammatical review.

Just submit your documents to Bluegrass Editing in English, and let us make the grammatical corrections for you.